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Junior in Honors College receives prestigious C.Y. Tung Scholarship

Cody Hutchins, a junior from Louisville in the Honors College at WKU, has been selected as a recipient of the C.Y. Tung Scholarship that will support his Semester at Sea Voyage in the spring of 2013.

Cody Hutchins

A member of the Chinese Flagship Program and a student of international business, Hutchins was chosen by the review committee for his scholarly achievements and commitment to global education. Hutchins is one of two American students selected for this award.

“The C.Y. Tung Program is no doubt the opportunity of lifetime and it will help me make some amazing connections that will benefit me for the rest of my life,” Hutchins said.

Named after the founder of the Institute for Shipboard Education, the C.Y. Tung Scholars program recognizes students who are poised to be future Chinese and American leaders. Hutchins will receive $20,000 toward the cost of his voyage and will be a representative of the Tung family aboard the ship and at its many ports of call.

Dr. Craig T. Cobane, Chief International Officer and the Executive Director of the Honors College at WKU, said that Hutchins’ receipt of the award marks the first time that a student from WKU has received this honor.

“With students like Cody who continue to set the bar of excellence higher and higher for the Honors College, we are successfully competing with prestigious universities in many different ways,” Cobane said. “Cody’s previous international experiences, Chinese language skills, and interest in global business make him an ideal choice for this award.”

This shipboard program brings together students, scholars and public leaders from both sides of the globe to explore the history and cultures of China and the United States. In addition to financial support, Hutchins will enroll in a special upper-level course that is team-taught by a Chinese and an American professor. A discussion-based course, key topics include varying worldviews, economic indicators, and political independence.

“During the program I will have classes on Chinese-U.S. relations, travel throughout China, and receive lectures from both Chinese and American leaders,” Hutchins said. “I’m so excited.”

About the Honors College at WKU: WKU is home to the only Honors College in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Created in 2007, the Honors College at WKU provides an intimate, highly selective learning environment where college-age gifted and high-achieving students can develop the skills to prepare them for success in the nation’s top academic and career opportunities. For information about the Honors College at WKU, contact Caelin Smith, (270) 745-2796. For information about Semester at Sea, contact Abby Leake with Study Abroad & Global Learning, (270) 745-6146. For information about the Chinese Flagship Program, contact Melinda Edgerton, (270) 745-2763.

Contact: Honors College, (270) 745-2081.

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