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3 online courses receive prestigious national Quality Matters recognition

Three WKU online courses have completed a national peer review process for online course design to meet Quality Matters (QM) standards. The three courses are TCHL 520: Principles of Action Research (developed by Dr. Stephanie Kay Gandy); NURS 451: Gerontological Nursing (developed by Dr. Cathy Abell and Tonya Bragg-Underwood); and PSY 361: Psychological Tests & Measurements (developed by Dr. Sally Kuhlenschmidt).

The Quality Matters Rubric is a set of eight general standards and 41 specific standards used to evaluate the design of online and blended courses. The Rubric is complete with annotations that explain the application of the standards and the relationship among them. A scoring system and set of online tools facilitate the evaluation by a team of reviewers.

Unique to the Quality Matters Rubric is the concept of alignment. This occurs when critical course components work together to ensure students achieve desired learning outcomes. These eight general standards include course overview & introduction, learning objectives, assessment & measurement, instructional materials, learning interaction & engagement, course technology, learner support and accessibility.

Dr. Sally Kuhlenschmidt went through the QM standards process after developing a psychology recertification course. “It’s nice to step back and look at the big picture with neutral parties,” Dr. Kuhlenschmidt said.  “Undertaking the QM review process helped me to look at my course with fresh eyes, improve my communication with students and reduce ‘stumbling points’ during the term.”

For information on how to obtain Quality Matters recognition for your online course, contact Sally Kuhlenschmidt at 270-745-6508 or sally.kuhlenschmidt@wku.edu.

Contact: Susan Esters, (270) 745-8922.

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