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WKU Sisterhood awards funding to two projects

For the first time, members of the WKU Sisterhood have awarded funding to two projects.

Project C.L.A.S.S. (Creating Leaders and Shaping Sisters) and Lifetime Experience Grants received $20,000 each from the WKU Sisterhood at the group’s meeting on Oct. 23.

Project C.L.A.S.S.

The goal of the Project C.L.A.S.S. initiative is to increase retention and graduation rates of women of color through programming, workshops and lectures to enhance the productivity of future WKU alumni. The population targeted by this group is considered “at-risk” and “under prepared” in several cases, so this program aims to afford these students to opportunity to succeed when they otherwise may not have the opportunity. Participants in this program are provided the resources necessary to prepare them and acclimate them to WKU’s academic curriculum to ensure their progression to graduation.

Lifetime Experience Grants

The Office of Scholar Development (OSD) proposed to develop the Lifetime Experience Grants, a program open to students in all majors across all campuses, designed to help students become more competitive for national scholarships.  Profiles of current national and international scholarship recipients emphasize prolonged international engagement, research that has produced published results, and compelling and deep involvement in the discipline outside the classroom. These experiences require institutional support. OSD plans to use WKU Sisterhood funds to invest in the development of talented students who will later be eligible to apply for nationally competitive scholarships and prestigious graduate programs.

The WKU Sisterhood, chaired by Julie Ransdell and Kristen Miller, is an organization of women advancing university priorities through philanthropic engagement and a collective voice. Any alumna, friend, faculty or staff member of WKU is invited to join this group of women.  Each member commits to a gift of $1,000 per fiscal year. The money is pooled together and collectively the full membership votes on how to award the funds.

For information on membership in the WKU Sisterhood, contact Amy Hardin at amy.hardin@wku.edu or (270) 745-2730.

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