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‘Don’t Change the Subject’ director visiting WKU to raise suicide awareness

In the film Don’t Change the Subject, Director Mike Stutz investigates his mom’s suicide by opening up a conversation with his family that they never had when he was a kid and seeks answers to the question “why won’t anyone talk about suicide?”

Then he recruits a band of writers, artists, dancers, comics, punk clowns and suicide survivors to put their own unique stamp on the conversation. While this film relies on dark humor, it also breaks through barriers that allow those who have lost loved ones to suicide express their deepest pain and hope.

Stutz will be at WKU to show his film at the Downing University Center Auditorium at 7 p.m. Oct. 18. The free event is open to the campus and Bowling Green community. Pizza and soft drinks will be available prior to the viewing.

Stutz will talk with the audience before and after the movie.  People who have lost a loved one to suicide will hear and see many of their private thoughts expressed in the film.  Mental health providers will gain empathy and understanding of suicide survivors.  Artists in general will find the film to be a good example of how one’s talents can be used to serve the public as we all continue to struggle with the terrible cost of suicide in our society.

Questions or concerns about the film can be addressed to Karl Laves at the WKU Counseling and Testing Center, (270) 745-3159.  The Counseling and Testing Center is hosting Stutz’s visit to Bowling Green as part of its efforts to increase awareness and prevention of suicide.

Contact: Karl Laves, (270) 745-3159.

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