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WKU, local high school students participating in $100 Solution projects

This fall will not only see $100 Solutions projects by WKU students, but it will include local county and city high school students’ projects as well.

The $100 Solution™ offers campus and community members an opportunity to use a small amount of money to make a lasting and sustainable difference. Based on the idea that small amounts of money can make a big impact, The $100 Solution™ challenges students to ask the community to identify a problem, and then create a solution using no more than $100.

WKU started using The $100 Solution™ as a tool for service-learning in 2008 and incorporated projects with high school students in 2011. This fall, approximately 25 WKU student groups will coordinate $100 Solution projects, and WKU ALIVE Center’s Community Engagement Coordinator Nadia De Leon will train Warren Central High School and Bowling Green High School students to coordinate 20 projects.

Susan Thomison, a teacher at Warren Central High School, said: “THDS excites students and empowers them to lead and serve. Last year the students served over 600 hours at dozens of non-profits and organizations. The knowledge and experience received from working on social issues such as hunger, poverty, and education opened their minds to the ideas:  how can I help, and most importantly, Hey, I CAN help.”

Students, faculty, staff and community members interested in creating a $100 Solution™ project do not have to attend one of the classes in order to participate. The WKU ALIVE Center is planning a Steps to a $100 Solution workshop on Thursday (Sept. 27) at the Institute for Citizenship & Social Responsibility in Garrett Conference Center, room 109. Anyone interested can come by the ICSR between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. The training takes approximately 30 minutes in order to go through the eight stations that prepare participants for a project.

“Steps is a great way for people who are interested in the $100 Solution to come and learn more about it and talk to students who have done them at get first account of their experience,” De Leon said.

The $100 Solution is an international program created by WKU Scholar-in-Residence Bernie Strenecky in 2005. To learn more about The $100 Solution™ at WKU or to donate $100 to sponsor a project, contact the ALIVE Center at (270) 782-0082 or visit www.wku.edu/alive.

Contact: Aurelia Spaulding, (270) 782-0082.

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