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New partnership increases networking opportunities for KRS students

A new partnership with several national organizations will increase educational and professional opportunities for students enrolled in WKU’s Department of Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport (KRS) online graduate programs. WKU Cohort Programs will now provide KRS graduate students with a membership to affiliate organizations within the National Association of College Directors of Athletics (NACDA) or the Sport Marketing Association (SMA). Membership in these organizations will provide students with a unique opportunity for academic and professional networking.

 According to Cohort Programs Coordinator Amy Fitzpatrick, membership in these organizations opens new opportunities for online students that they wouldn’t have otherwise. “Our students are located all over the world, but we have lacked a vast professional network and an avenue in which to find employment in their chosen fields. NACDA’s affiliate member organizations will provide that to our students, regardless of their chosen KRS graduate program,” Fitzpatrick said. “This partnership will provide unparalleled academic and professional networking opportunities for students in these online graduate programs.”

KRS leaders are enthusiastic about the partnership and the added resources it will provide their students. “We are extremely excited about the possibilities this partnership will create,” said Dr. Fred Gibson, KRS graduate programs coordinator. “These organizations are dedicated to sharing trends, standards and management strategies so professionals can effectively deal with industry challenges.”

WKU Professor and M.S. in Athletic Administration Coordinator Dr. Randy Deere said the partnerships will help students learn more about their field by giving them access to the best and brightest professionals in those areas. “The opportunity to collaborate, network and learn from those at the top of their profession is priceless,” Deere said.

For more information on master’s degree programs through WKU Cohort Programs at www.wku.edu/cohort.

Contact: Susan Esters, (270) 745-8922.

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