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Google Maps Street View team visits WKU for campus images

WKU received a unique visit from the Google Maps Street View team last week as they embarked on the new Street View Partner Program to capture imagery on and around campus.

A Google Maps Street View team visited the WKU campus last week to capture images of athletic facilities and other buildings.

Most consumers are familiar with Google Maps as a source for finding their way from place to place, but now visitors to campus, alumni and prospective WKU students will be able to choose a campus location, zoom into street level and obtain a 360-degree viewpoint, from the comfort of their home computers or mobile devices.

The partnership with Google Maps Street View follows a University initiative to update the WKU campus tour and map that launched on the WKU website last fall. The new virtual tour includes a new 3D map, photos and video segments offering an interactive tour of campus.

“This partnership could not have come at a better time,” said Corie Martin, WKU Manager of Creative Web Services. “We are excited to add Google’s panoramic imagery to our interactive campus tour and to use it as another way to welcome visitors to campus and to show the world the growth WKU is experiencing.”

Google Maps recently launched the Street View Partner Program on college and university campuses, and also in venues like theme parks and vacation resorts.  New interior image collection technology is now available that enables the Google Maps Street View team to take photos of locations like the Oval Office in the White House and now in WKU’s own E.A. Diddle Arena.

Two Google Maps Street View teams were spotted taking images on campus including interior images of athletic facilities and exterior images throughout campus using vehicle-mounted cameras and a special camera-mounted tricycle.

“We really pride ourselves on being an accessible university to the public and on maintaining a well-connected campus,” Martin said. “After having such great feedback from alumni, international and prospective students on our interactive tour, being able to offer them an even deeper look into our campus that is easily accessible from any device is a great move forward for us.”

The Google Maps Street View imagery is expected to be available online at Google Maps later this year and the Street View Team anticipates repeat visits to campus to update their footage as construction projects progress and campus expands in the future.

Contact: Corie Martin, (270) 745-2990.

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