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Ad+PR’s zombie flash mob April 2

WKU’s Advertising and Public Relations students will dress as zombies on Monday (April 2) at 1:30 p.m. (CDT) to kick off spring registration.

The flash mob will start at Guthrie Tower behind Mass Media and Technology Hall. Zombies will hand out flyers to help “lost” students, who feel like “zombies” in their current major, to explore an exciting new major or minor in Advertising or Public Relations. Students who read the new Interactive Brochure for the Ad+PR programs online can register to win one of three Apple ipods® being given away throughout the registration period by capturing a QR code with their cell phone and completing a registration form.

The Ad+PR programs continue to update the curriculum to insure that majors are learning the digital skills they need to succeed in today’s job environment. The new 24-hour Digital Advertising minor is the perfect size for many majors to learn what they need to know about digital communications. They can learn how write effectively for the web, how to develop a personal brand, and even build their own website or create an e-book. The Advertising program offers three concentrations including Branding, Print Design and Interactive Design.

Professor Cliff Shaluta, program coordinator for Ad+PR, says the zombie promotion is “totally conceptualized by students for students. It’s a fun idea and the faculty helped them to pull all the pieces together.”

Shaluta added: “It’s the way we work. Our faculty apply theories to real-world situations. We believe that our students learn much more when they can actually see theories in action.”

Contact: Cliff Shaluta, (270) 745-5833.

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