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Center for Training & Development offering ‘Good to Great’ course

WKU’s Center for Training & Development (CTD) offers a new course to help local industry leaders transition their company to greatness. “Principles of Good to Great” is a four-hour course based on the book “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap . . . and Others Don’t” by Jim Collins.

In his book, Collins studied the similarities of companies that went from good to great and found that many business practices fall short. Collins says that greatness is a matter of choice and discipline. “It’s not much harder to be great than good,” says Collins, “and if you’re not motivated to greatness, perhaps you should consider doing something else where you are.”

According to Center for Training & Development Director Manon Pardue, the idea to offer the course began after a Warren County Industrial Training Consortium board member recommended it.

Gregg George, the senior manager of human resources at NASCO, read the book for a human resources conference several years ago. “The Consortium is always looking for new classes to help area businesses succeed, and I recalled reading the book,” said George. “I found it to be a great resource and thought it would interest business and industry leaders in this region.” George added that his company has successfully applied several of Collins’ principles.

“I recommend this class to anyone in a leadership role who wishes to help move their company to greatness,” said George. “Participants will discover the type of leadership required for greatness, how to get the right people on board, and how to create a culture that successfully combines discipline and entrepreneurship.”

WKU Counseling and Student Affairs Professor Dr. Aaron Hughey created the course based on the book. Hughey also leads the course and said that Collins “takes principles and succinctly captures and defines the relationship between effective leadership and success in an enterprise.”

Two courses were offered in February, and both filled within a few days. Additional courses will be offered later in the year. The course can also be delivered on-site at any business within the region.

For information, contact Manon Pardue at (270) 745-1919.

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