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‘Are You ALIVE?’ week Feb. 13-17

Alive. It is a simple word. It means to be full of energy or to be vibrant and full of life. Everyone has something different that makes them come alive. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” This quote is the spirit behind the new movement Are You ALIVE?, sponsored by the WKU ALIVE Center for Community Partnerships.

The ALIVE Center will be hosting an awareness week on Feb. 13-17 with a variety of activities to promote this new campaign. The Random Acts of Service project will engage students in a volunteer activity that will benefit community organization. Students will be asked to create videos to explain how they will become more alive. The ALIVE Center staff will work with students to identify their service interests that will help make students stay alive all year. The week will be packed full of information and activities that will get students’ minds pumping as to how they will make this year more meaningful than the year before.

“Volunteering is my opportunity to connect and give back to the community,” said Caroline Culbreth, a WKU student majoring in international affairs from Park Hills. Culbreth volunteers with Spanish speaking community members, specifically working with the youth in the ESL program.

The Center wants many students to have this same feeling. Every student has something different to offer and those talents should be used to help better the community.  Are you ALIVE? is a movement sparking interest in public service; it is a movement about becoming more aware of the needs in the community. It is about letting ourselves become more alive.

For a full listing of activities for Are You ALIVE? awareness week, visit www.wku.edu/alive or contact the Center at (270) 782-0082.

Contact: Leah Baird or Aurelia Spaulding, (270) 782-0082.

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