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Gift will support active duty military, veteran students at WKU

Thanks to Terry and Kathy Scariot of Bowling Green, active duty military and veteran students who attend WKU will have access to much-needed student services.

According to Kathryn Costello, WKU’s Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, the Scariots have made a gift of $100,000 to create the USA Cares Sgt. Bryant Anderson Western Kentucky University Student Needs Fund, which will support Military Student Services at WKU.

“We are so grateful the Scariots have made this gift that will support WKU soldiers and veterans,” she said.  “Thanks to their generosity, many students will have access to scholarships and other support funds.”

Tonya Archey, WKU’s Director of Military Student Services, said: “This generous donation will allow Military Student Services to make a greater impact on our active duty and veteran students by providing alternative scholarships and supporting our dynamic programs that will meaningfully contribute to their success at WKU.”

Terry Scariot said he and his wife created the USA Cares Sgt. Bryan Anderson Western Kentucky University Military Student Needs Fund to recognize and thank WKU veteran students for their service and assist them with the financial assistance they need to complete their degree programs and find a job.

“We established this fund to recognize the bravery of my friend, Sgt. Bryan Anderson, for the injuries he sustained while serving in Iraq,” he said.  “We are also honoring Kathy’s mother, Judy Pawley, for her battle with terminal breast cancer and my father, Geno Scariot, for his combat service in the United States Air Force in World War II.

“Bryan Anderson’s story of courage, as depicted in his new book, ‘No Turning Back,’ will be an inspiration to me for the rest of my life,” he continued. “Bryan is a spokesperson for USA Cares, a military charity we support that assists injured soldiers in receiving treatment, supports soldiers in finding a job and provides housing assistance and basic needs to military families.”

The Scariots have also established a complementary fund at USA Cares, The Sgt. Bryan Anderson Jobs for Kentucky Veterans Fund, which will enable USA Cares to help WKU veterans with additional financial assistance they need to get a job.

“We believe linking WKU with USA Cares will provide outstanding support to our veterans,” Terry Scariot said.  “It is our sincere hope that what we are humbly able to offer to our veterans through WKU and USA Cares will make a true difference in their lives.”

Contact: Kathryn Costello, (270) 745-6208.

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