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WKU partnership with National Student Exchange increases study opportunities

WKU is expanding academic exchange opportunities to undergraduate students. Through membership with the National Student Exchange (NSE), students will have the opportunity to study at nearly 200 colleges and universities. WKU students can exchange for a single semester or an academic year at another campus in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands beginning in the fall 2012.  WKU also plans to host incoming NSE students from other member institutions.

The National Student Exchange is a not-for-profit education consortium, providing affordable and practical opportunities for students to study and live in a new location. Exchange opportunities will be available for WKU students through the Study Away office.

Jerry Barnaby, WKU Study Away director, said the partnership will open doors for students who want to maximize their college experience. “This program will allow students to continue to work toward their degree and experience something completely new,” said Barnaby, who added that being an exchange student means more than just taking classes at another school. “Students can take courses that might not be offered at WKU, live in a new place and experience a new culture. It’s an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves in a new experience.”

Barnaby and student assistants will be hosting information sessions throughout the remainder of the fall semester.  The application deadline for fall 2012 placement will be in February 2012. Requirements and application process are found on the Study Away website.

Contact: Jerry Barnaby, (270) 745-2231.

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