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WKU geologist featured in journal ‘Science’

WKU’s Chris Groves, recently named the Kentucky Academic of Science 2011 Distinguished College/University Science Award Recipient, is featured in the latest issue of Science commenting on the importance of research on Carbon Sinks.

Dr. Groves, professor of Geography and Geology and director of the Hoffman Environmental Research Institute at WKU, has earned international recognition for his work on carbon sequestration, water sources, karst contaminants and land-use management. He is quoted in the article “An Unsung Carbon Sink” in the Nov. 18 issue.Science

Dr. Groves’ extensive work in China led to his nomination by China’s Ministry of Land and Resources for the China Friendship Award, the country’s highest award for foreign experts.

“Having an internationally recognized journal such as Science feature Dr. Groves’ work with colleagues in China is a testament to the importance of this research and highlights WKU’s growing international reputation and presence in global science research,” David Keeling, department head of Geography and Geology, said.

The Hoffman Institute is working across the planet to identify water resource challenges and solutions, especially in terms of climate change issues related to carbon sequestration.

Contact: David Keeling, (270) 745-4555.

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