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‘Wrestling Reality’ latest book by WKU graduate Ryan Clark

WKU graduate Ryan Clark’s latest book project offers an inside look at the life of professional wrestler Chris Kanyon.

Ryan Clark

Wrestling Reality, co-authored by Kanyon and Clark, provides a rare glimpse not only into the life of a professional wrestler, but the life of a gay man in a straight world.

One of the most popular wrestlers of the late 1990s, Kanyon (born Christopher Klucsarits) kept his personal life private from his fans until finally revealing his biggest secret in 2004: He was gay. Going through the various roles that Kanyon played, both in the ring and out of it, as well as his battle with manic depression, Wrestling Reality explores the factors that led to his suicide in 2010.

Clark, a native of Louisville, is a graduate of WKU’s School of Journalism & Broadcasting and a former editor of the College Heights Herald. He is New Media Editor/Instructor at Northern Kentucky University and a writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer. His other books include Game of My Life: Kentucky and Dusty Roads & Faded Signs.

Wrestling Reality was published by ECW Press and is available at amazon.com.

Read more about the book: Story by pro wrestling columnist Alex Marvez, a review by writer Joe Babinsack.

Contact: Ryan Clark, (859) 572-1401.

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