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WKU MBA students score in top 20 percent in U.S. on national exam

WKU’s MBA students are in the top 20 percent of all MBA students in the United States, according to scores on Major Field Test.

MBA students across the country take the Major Field Test, an exam used to determine how much MBA students learn during their program. WKU’s Professional MBA students rated, as a group, in the top 20th percentile. “As far as we know, this is the highest score in the state,” said Dr. Bob Hatfield, WKU’s MBA executive coordinator.

The MBA Major Field Test is written by ETS®, a non-profit organization focused upon quality in education. ETS also administers the GRE, TOEFL and PRAXIS exams used globally to assure excellence in learning.

“The MBA Major Field Test is the ‘Gold Standard’ for MBA programs. Every program in America strives for a high score on this exit exam,” said April Schleig, WKU’s MBA advisor and admissions director. “We believe we have excellent faculty and talented students working together to learn an applied curriculum.”

WKU has three different MBA options; professional-weekend, full-time one-year, and online. Students in all three options take the exit exam upon graduating. The 2011 professional-weekend MBA students scored in the top 20 percent. The online MBA students followed closely, scoring in the top 30 percent. The full-time graduates measured at the national average.

“We are proud of all three of our MBA options. Since one-half of our full-time students are international students who speak English as a second language, it is quite an achievement for them to score at the national average for learning in a test written in English,” Dr. Hatfield said.

Since WKU and the Gordon Ford College of Business began conducting the tests for MBA graduates in 2008, three out of the past four years the combined test score averages of all three programs has been greater than the national average score.

“These scores demonstrate at least one aspect of the quality education our graduates are receiving,” Schleig said. “As these scores continue to rise, so does the prestige of the WKU MBA program and value of the degree held by our graduates.”

Contact: Mariah Yates, (270) 745-5458.

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