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Company at WKU’s research center nominated for World Technology Award

HyGreen, Inc., a Florida-based technology company with a production and engineering facility at WKU’s Center for Research and Development, has been nominated for a 2011 World Technology Award for Health and Medicine.

HyGreen is an innovative technology company whose mission is to improve lives by safeguarding health through technology. Its HyGreen Hand Hygiene product provides hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, doctor’s offices, restaurants and educational institutions with the tools to measure hand hygiene, improve hand hygiene behaviors, increase facility quality and decrease infection control costs.

HyGreen is a spinoff from Xhale, Inc., which was formed in 2005 following six years of research and intellectual property development at the University of Florida. The company’s corporate operations are headquartered in Gainesville, Fla., with production and engineering facilities at WKU’s Center for Research and Development.

HyGreen has eight full-time staff working at the WKU facility and has about 30 employees in Florida, Bowling Green and other sites, according to Hank Wohltjen, vice president for Engineering. The primary purpose of the Bowling Green facility is product design engineering, final assembly, testing and shipping, as well as field installation logistical support. The company plans to add about four engineering and technical staff members to the Bowling Green site in 2012.

Winners of the 2011 World Technology Awards, presented by the World Technology Network, in association with TIME magazine, Fortune magazine and Science magazine, among others, will be announced Oct. 26 in New York at the conclusion of the two-day World Technology Summit.

The awards honor individuals and corporations from 20 technology-related sectors viewed by their peers as being the most innovative and doing the work of the greatest likely long-term significance.

HyGreen CEO Craig T. Davenport stated:  “We are pleased and honored to have been nominated for the Health and Medicine category of the 2011 World Technology Awards. The human cost and financial costs resulting from hospital-acquired infections are staggering: more that 1.7 million people in the U.S. alone are infected by hospital acquired infections resulting in over 200 deaths per day. The financial burden of HAIs cost the U.S. healthcare system more that $40 billion each year. These facts are why we have dedicated ourselves to assisting hospitals in reducing infections and saving lives.  Recognition such as this underlines the important role of technology companies like HyGreen that are pioneering solutions to some of the world’s most serious challenges.”

Contact: Hank Wohltjen, (270) 792-8538.

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