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WKU, Franklin partnerships spotlighted at Chamber of Commerce event

WKU’s Center for Training & Development (CTD) and Office of Continuing Education (CE) co-hosted the Franklin-Simpson Chamber of Commerce Eye Opener on Sept. 13 at the Gallery on the Square in Franklin.

The Chamber event is an opportunity for local business and industry leaders to gather together, share ideas and learn more about other business opportunities. More than 60 people attended the event, including local Chamber members and staff from the WKU Division of Extended Learning & Outreach, the division that oversees the CTD and CE units.

CTD Director Manon Pardue and CE Director Sharon Woodward decided to co-sponsor the event to spotlight the ongoing partnerships with the Franklin-Simpson community. Woodward said that she also used the event to introduce Continuing Education’s newest initiative: online noncredit certificate programs that offer personal and professional development courses completely online. Certificates are completed through three core courses and three elective courses, delivered in convenient six-week formats.

Steve Thurmond, Chamber executive director, said that the relationship with WKU extends even beyond the classroom. “Our community has worked with WKU for over 100 years, and we appreciate the many additional ways WKU supports our community,” said Thurmond. “The great success with the Eye-Opener shows the mutual respect and appreciation the community and WKU have for each other.”

Pardue added: “This area has exceptional business leadership, and we are proud to partner with them to support growth opportunities and assist business and industries in closing skill gaps. We look forward to 100 more years of partnerships!”

Contact: Susan Esters, (270) 745-8922.

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