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Freshëns, WKU celebrate grand opening of redesigned store, addition of crepes

Freshëns, the nation’s largest frozen yogurt and smoothie company, is changing the face of healthy food and treats on college campuses with the launch of its newly redesigned store and addition of handcrafted crepes at the Downing University Center at WKU.

Freshëns CEO John Sterns and WKU President Gary Ransdell celebrated the opening of the redesigned store with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Aug. 30 at Downing University Center. (WKU photo by Clinton Lewis)

WKU is the first college in the nation to unveil Freshëns’ new handcrafted crêpe product line up of savory, salad, breakfast and sweet crepes, according to Tim Colley, resident district manager of WKU’s Restaurant and Catering Group.

Freshëns CEO John Sterns and WKU President Gary Ransdell celebrated the opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday.

“This is a great addition,” Dr. Ransdell said. “This will help keep our students eating on our campus and appeal to other visitors as well.”

Sterns said WKU was one of the first universities to embrace the Freshëns brand almost 14 years ago.

“We know the staff and the crew and thought WKU would be the perfect place to introduce our newest concept,” he said. He added that response so far has been very good.

Freshëns handcrafted crepes define the Art of Healthy Eating™. After two years of extensive research and development, the concept has come to life. Using only fresh ingredients, the handcrafted crepes are the healthy choice for the “on-the-go” consumers, seeking portability and convenience. This unique concept combines healthy options and theater to appeal to every customer.

Freshëns new store design embraces today’s trends with an evolutionary and unique retail experience. A bright and inviting store design attracts consumers through carefully placed “brand sparks.” LCD monitors blend into the menus to provide a constant message of freshness and healthfulness. The toppings bar and crepe ingredients are placed on the front counter so consumers are enticed by the fresh, healthy options. A touch screen monitor positioned on the front counter provides easy access to nutritional information, allowing consumers to make an informed decision prior to purchase.

Freshëns proprietary yogurt and smoothies are all natural, with no high fructose corn syrup and no trans fats. Freshëns is also proud to be first in the industry to add Truvia®, an all natural, zero calorie sweetener, to all the proprietary smoothie and yogurt base mixes.

Freshëns in Downing University Center will be open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday.

About Freshëns: With over 850 locations, including stores in 45 airports and 300 college and universities, Freshëns is the largest frozen yogurt and smoothie company in the country. Headquartered in Atlanta, Freshëns was founded in 1985 as Freshëns Premium Yogurt.  By adapting to industry trends and ever changing customer needs, Freshëns is poised for continued growth. For information, go to www.freshens.com or talk to us at: www.facebook.com/Freshens.

Contact: Christina Jockwig, (678) 627-5421.

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