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Confucius Institute participates in Owensboro Dragon Boat Festival

The Confucius Institute at WKU participated as rowers for the Golden Dragons in the inaugural Dragon Boat Festival in Owensboro on Aug. 27.

The Confucius Institute at WKU, in partnership with Owensboro Dragon Boat Festival, participated as Team Rowers for the Golden Dragons in Owensboro’s inaugural Dragon Boat Festival on Saturday (Aug. 27).

Although handily winning the first two heats, the Golden Dragons were not destined to win the overall trophy. However, the Confucius Institute has vowed to come back stronger and faster next year when they co-sponsor the event. They will also be organizing their own racing team and are inviting any and all interested parties in contacting them about next year’s event.

Representatives of the Confucius Institute at WKU participated in Owensboro's Dragon Boat Festival.

The rowing team was composed of staff of the Confucius Institute (Cheryl Kirby-Stokes and Terrill Martin), as well as recent participants in the Confucius Institute’s first Summer Camp Trip to China. They included Katie Burchfield, Ron Mitchell, Dr. Martin Stone and Haiwang Yuan. The team was rounded out by  volunteers Taylor Martin, Yaowen Cui, Kelin Wang and Laura Burchfield. In addition to rowing duties, the Confucius Institute set up an information booth and was able to speak to interested parties about the Volunteer Teacher program for the 2012-13 academic year.

The Confucius Institute’s mission is to disseminate Chinese language and culture throughout Kentucky, as well as to promote, host and participate in Chinese events both locally and regionally. They also support the Chinese Learning Center in WKU’s Helm Library, a center for Chinese language classes, art, lectures, videos and literature and the Volunteer Teacher Program, which places Chinese language teachers in K-16 classrooms throughout Kentucky.

For more about the Confucius Institute, the Volunteer Teacher Program, the Chinese Community Language classes or the Chinese Learning Center, contact Cheryl Kirby-Stokes at cheryl.kirby-stokes@wku.edu or at 270-745-2836.

More: Additional photos are available on the Confucius Institute at WKU’s Facebook page; Confucius Institute offering Chinese language classes this fall.

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    Owensboro Dragon Boat Festival 2011 music video

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