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6 students complete double degree program between French school, WKU

Four students from Ecole Superieure de Commerce Saint Etienne (ESC Saint Etienne) in France and two students from WKU have become the first to complete a double degree program between the two institutions.

Four students from ESC Saint Etienne in France -- Vincent Wallays, Siham Ziana, Thibault Marconnet-Chilon, Gregoire Petit -- were recognized for completing a double degree program between WKU and ESC St. Etienne.

On April 9 in St. Etienne, the students were awarded a Bachelor of International Management from ESC St. Etienne and a Bachelor of Science with a major in International Management from WKU.  They are the first group of students to complete the double degree program between WKU and ESC St. Etienne. Zubair Mohamed, Interim Associate Dean of the Gordon Ford College of Business and chair of the Department of Management, and Dan Myers, Gordon Ford College of Business Internationalization Officer and Associate Professor of Economics, participated in the ceremony.

“Congratulations to these new graduates,” WKU President Gary Ransdell said. “They are great examples of WKU’s vision of international reach. They are positioned well for work in France or the U.S. We are grateful for our international partnerships.”

Double degree students receiving recognition in the ceremony were: Siham Ziana of Rabat, Morocco; Gregoire Petit of St. Etienne, France; Thibault Marconnet-Chilon of Saint Chymondy, France; Vincent Wallays of Massieux, France, along with WKU-based students Jesse Kirby of Bowling Green and Natalia Pena Nocua of Bogota, Colombia, both of whom who completed this WKU degree Cum Laude.

“This collaborative effort between ESC St. Etienne and WKU is a sterling example of the benefits associated with international collaboration between institutions of higher education,” WKU Provost Gordon Emslie said. “I offer my hearty congratulations to these graduates, whose experience in this joint program positions them extraordinarily well for leadership roles in the world of international business, and I look forward to many more graduates from this collaboration in the coming years.”

The program began in the fall of 2009 and has grown steadily since. Three additional WKU students and 17 ESC St. Etienne students are in the process of completing the program.  It is anticipated that five new WKU students and 12 ESC St. Etienne students will begin the program in the fall.

Contact: Dan Myers, (270) 745-3684.

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