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Study Away offers 3 new courses

From investigating Kentucky agriculture to studying literature or politics in New York City, WKU Study Away offers three new courses this summer.

Survey of North American Agriculture will take students throughout western Kentucky to visit and study horticultural, crop and animal agriculture farms. Students will also attend the Kentucky Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers Conference in Louisville, which focuses on engaging in the agriculture industry.

Two courses will take students New York City: Ethnic Politics and The Life and Literature of NYC.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that New York City has twice the number of foreign-born people than the national average. Ethnic Politics will study the cultural diversity of the City and how multiculturalism affects its politics.

New York City has also been a center of American history, art and literature. The Life and Literature of NYC is an Honors colloquium in which students and faculty live in a hostel in New York’s Upper West Side. They will tour museums, examine immigration records and visit historical sites, including Ellis Island, Midtown and Harlem where they will study the Harlem Renaissance.

Students should apply today! For details on each of these programs, go to www.wku.edu/studyaway.

Contact: Jerry Barnaby, (270) 745-2231.

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