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WKU launches new website

Visitors to WKU’s website will notice a big change starting today (Feb. 1).

WKU launched the first phase of a total website redesign that’s been a year in the making. Two committees, one dealing with content and the other with technical aspects, have been planning the redesign.

“We have about three seconds to get somebody’s attention and to hold it,” Bob Owen, WKU’s Vice President for Information Technology, said. The new design is “much cleaner, straight forward and contains the types of information a visitor to our site would want to have.”

Information Technology teamed with the Division of Public Affairs in leading the website redesign, which included the purchase of a content management system (CMS), OmniUpdate. “Content management software allows designated members of the user community to maintain the content of particular pages while streamlining the design and content across the website,” Dr. Owen said.

Corie Martin, Creative Web Services Manager, said substantial training and support will be offered to those responsible for web content. “The beauty of this new CMS is it’s very user friendly,” she said. “Anyone should be able to log into the web-based system and put in their content.”

Martin will coordinate the WKU Web Council, which includes those who will be maintaining web information from across the campus. This group will meet regularly to coordinate efforts and share information about web-related issues and initiatives.

People seem pleased with the new design, according to Stacey Biggs, WKU’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive,” she said. “Most people are of the opinion that this should have been done a long time ago.”

Open forums to share detailed information and to address questions have been scheduled in 340 Downing University Center for 10 a.m.-noon Feb. 16 and 2-4 p.m. Feb. 17.

The second phase of the project, when sites for all academic units go live, is set for July 1, followed by the rest of the campus on Sept. 1.

“Our website is our window to the world and our primary means of communicating about WKU,” Robbin Taylor, Vice President for Public Affairs, said. “We are confident that this new design and implementation of the CMS will both enhance our communications via the Web and at the same time provide the entire campus with support for Web content and design in a way we have never before been able to do.”

Contact: Stacey Biggs, (270) 745-7024.

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