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WKU ROTC receives MacArthur Award

WKU’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program will receive a prestigious 2011 MacArthur Award.

WKU's Army ROTC program will receive a 2011 MacArthur Award.

Each year since 1989 the Norfolk, Va.-based General Douglas MacArthur foundation, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Cadet Command has recognized the best of the 272 battalions in the nation.

This award, based on Gen. MacArthur’s ideals of “Duty, Honor, Country,” is presented to individual battalions that have excelled during the previous fiscal year. Criterion includes performance on the Cadet National Order of Merit List, cadet retention ratio, quality and performance of military training and newly commissioned second lieutenants.

“This award came as a pleasant surprise, but it is a result of years of hard work from our Cadets, Cadre and staff here at WKU, as well as at our partner program at Murray State University,” said LTC Jason T. Caldwell, WKU Army ROTC’s Professor of Military Science and Leadership. LTC Caldwell expressed his appreciation to his staff, Cadre and Cadets, as well as to the faculty and administration of WKU for their support to the WKU ROTC program and to the U.S. Military in general.

“We at WKU ROTC are blessed to have the support and backing of a very strong alumni base,” he said. “The faculty and administration at WKU are second to none. Our job is to train leaders, not just soldiers, but leaders of soldiers, an awesome responsibility and one that we take with pride and determination.  WKU ROTC is known throughout the Army as being a top producer of exceptional officers. Our goal is to not only continue that tradition but to achieve an even greater level of excellence.”

In addition to WKU (7th Brigade), the 2011 winners include Texas A & M University (1st Brigade), St. Johns University (2nd Brigade), University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (3rd Brigade), James Madison University (4th Brigade), Texas Christian University (5th Brigade), Georgia Southern University (6th Brigade), and Pacific Lutheran University (8th Brigade).

There will be a formal presentation of the award this spring.

Contact: LTC Jason T. Caldwell, (270) 745-4293.

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