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Graduate ceremony begins Commencement Weekend at WKU

WKU’s 2010 Fall Commencement Weekend began Friday evening (Dec. 17) with the graduate ceremony at Diddle Arena.

Dr. Nevil Speer, chair of the Graduate Council and agriculture professor, delivered remarks at the graduate ceremony Dec. 17. Additional photos from the ceremony will be posted on the WKU Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WKUNews (WKU photo by Clinton Lewis)

In its 168th Commencement, WKU is conferring degrees and certificates to a record 1,407 December graduates — 69 associates degrees, 960 baccalaureate degrees, 353 master’s degrees and 25 certificates. During Friday’s ceremony, four recipients of a cooperative doctoral degree offered by WKU and University of Louisville also were recognized – Audrey S. Cornell, Jan Kathryn Weaver Lanham, Linda Joyce Thomas and Rebecca Curry Todd.

“Whether you received a master’s degree or a doctoral degree, thank you for the value each of you has added to WKU during your pursuit of that degree,” President Gary Ransdell said. “And may that degree be the start of a life rich in professional and personal fulfillment.”

In his remarks to graduates, Dr. Nevil Speer, chair of the Graduate Council and an agriculture professor, said commencement is a time of celebration, recognition of the importance of graduate education and reflection on why students chose graduate school and how their pursuit to become more specialized leads to a broader understanding of the world.

WKU’s Fall Commencement continues with the undergraduate ceremony at 10 a.m. Saturday (Dec. 18) at Diddle Arena. The undergraduate ceremony will be broadcast live by WKYU-PBS and webcast on WKU Sports.tv Streaming Video available at http://www.wkusports.com/.

For more photos from the graduate ceremony, check out the WKU Facebook page.

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