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Author, marketing consultant brings brand expertise to Ad+PR program

Chris Houchens, marketing consultant and author of “Brand Zeitgeist: Embedding Brand Relationships into the Collective Consciousness,” will teach Journalism 341: Principles of Advertising (Web) during the 2011 spring semester. Houchens is a past president of the Professional Marketing Association and was the organization’s 2007 “Marketer of the Year.”

Houchens’ class is one of three courses offered by the WKU School of Journalism and Broadcasting though a new initiative called Ad+PR Online. The online classes provide a convenient option for media professionals and business owners who need to update their skills without missing work. Class participants will build on the work experience they have and further their knowledge in an area that is not only applicable, but also essential for business success in today’s recovering economy.

“Social Media is rapidly becoming the face of the advertising industry, and the concepts and techniques of Ad+PR are continually changing,” said Cliff Shaluta, WKU’s Ad+PR program coordinator. “Ad+PR Online is a perfect option for those who want to keep up with the next generation of media.”

In addition to Houchens’ course, Journalism 154: New Media Literacy and Journalism 355: Fundamentals of Public Relations are also offered in the spring 2011 term. All three courses are open for registration. Contact Cliff Shaluta at cliff.shaluta@wku.edu or visit www.wkufusion.com for more information.

A video highlighting changes in the advertising business is hosted on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJkZUSh1MxE.

Contact: Cliff Shaluta, (270) 991-6966.

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