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WKU offers face-to-face GMAT review

Future Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students have been asking for a face-to-face GMAT review in Bowling Green for years.  This year a GMAT review is available at WKU starting Nov. 3.

Bob Hatfield, WKU’s MBA Coordinator, said that the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is the test that most accredited MBA programs require for admission.  “Students in the region who wanted to attend a review in person had to drive to Nashville or Louisville to find a review,” he said.  Because of requests from applicants, the WKU MBA department is now offering its own GMAT Review class.

The GMAT Review class will meet at WKU on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. starting Nov. 3 and ending Dec. 8, skipping Thanksgiving week.  The fee for the five-week review is $400.  This fee covers the cost of an instructor, a GMAT review book and review software.  Similar reviews have been advertised in Nashville for $1549.

“We encourage students who are interested in enrolling in our Professional MBA, online MBA, or our Full time MBA program to take advantage of this convenient review,” Hatfield said.

April Schleig, WKU’s MBA Director and Advisor, said she believes having a local and low cost review will help students in two ways.

“Many applicants want an MBA but are nervous about preparing for the GMAT,” she said. “We believe if students take our review that they will feel and be more confident and will be able to schedule taking the GMAT with plenty of time to meet WKU’s MBA March 15, 2011, deadline.”

For information on GMAT and WKU MBA options, call the WKU MBA office at (270) 745-5458 or email April Schleig, MBA Admissions Director & Advisor, at april.schleig@wku.edu.

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