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WKU offering online master’s degree program in instructional design

Beginning with the fall 2010 semester, WKU will offer a new online Master of Science in Instructional Design graduate degree program.

The purpose of instructional design is to improve learning and performance for people of all ages in a variety of settings, including educational environments, work places, community settings and homes.

“Instructional design is foundational to a workforce that has the necessary technical and intellectual skills for success in a global economy,” said Dr. Robert Smith, course instructor. “The M.S. in Instructional Design will prepare graduates to plan and deliver quality training for Kentucky workforce development.”

Instructional design graduates are qualified to be instructional designers and trainers in businesses, corporations, technical schools, college and university settings, government agencies and military services. The program prepares practitioners for leadership roles in both public and private organizations, including corporations, universities, community colleges, technical schools, medical centers, libraries and non-profit agencies. Graduates may also be employed as managers of technology-based systems and designers of technology products.

The new 30-hour program is 100 percent online, giving students a more convenient and flexible graduate program option. The 12-hour graduate certificate is also available.

For information on the new online M.S. in Instructional Design or other online programs, contact Danita Eysenbach, student support specialist in Distance Learning, at (270) 745-5173 or danita.eysenbach@wku.edu.

Distance Learning is a unit of the Division of Extended Learning & Outreach.

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