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WKU Study Away program to create learning opportunities across U.S.

WKU Study Away is a new office providing students with off campus learning opportunities throughout the United States.

A unit of the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach (DELO), the program focuses on partnerships in creative learning.

“I’m excited about this new initiative,” said Jerry Barnaby, Study Away Program Director.  “This program will extend the classroom beyond the campus borders to increase a sense of citizenship and enhance American cultural understanding.”

Initially, students will travel to American locations during winter session and summer term. “As the program grows, we plan to offer programs in the fall and spring semesters,” he said.

Barnaby will work with WKU faculty to develop new off-campus programs that enable students to apply the lessons learned in the classroom in a practical, hands-on setting. The Study Away Office will manage program logistics, provide marketing resources, and coordinate travel.

“Study Away will not only provide exciting new learning opportunities for WKU students,” said Dr. Don Swoboda, dean of DELO, “but it will also provide tremendous support for faculty.  It will allow them to concentrate on the academic aspects of their program, rather than worry about the logistics.”

As Study Away grows, noncredit enrichment learning opportunities will also become available through the American Traveler program. The program will consist of short-term travel to American destinations for “enrichment” learning.  It will be open to anyone interested, not just the traditional student. Experts in the particular area will guide the programs and allow participants to truly enjoy the enlightening experiences.

WKU’s Study Away serves the WKU community by engaging students, faculty, and staff in educational and cultural experiences beyond the campus borders.

For information, contact Jerry Barnaby, (270) 745-2231, or email study.away@wku.edu or visit www.wku.edu/studyaway.

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