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Center for Applied Economics serving as information source for region

The WKU Center for Applied Economics, an extension of the Department of Economics and Gordon Ford College of Business, serves as an economic information source for South Central Kentucky, as a bridge between academic research in economics and our community, and as a source for graduate students to gain experience in economic analysis and communication.

The CAE’s primary outreach is its website that offers concise, accessible original articles on matters of local, regional and national interest along with other links and data on local and regional conditions.

The site’s current articles include the following:

  • Dr. David Zimmer (WKU Assistant Professor) on a Q&A on Healthcare Reform, a look at implications of recent federal health care legislation
  • Dr. Steve Lile and Dr. Brian Goff (WKU Professors) on Kentucky and Its Neighbors, a comparison of growth and policies between Kentucky and surrounding states
  • Dr. Brian Goff (WKU Professor) on a Developing Economic Development: Just the Facts, a survey of evidence on influences for local economic development
  • Stephanie Davis and Zach Timpe, (WKU graduate students) on a Spotlight on Bowling Green, an economic profile

Contact: Dr. Brian Goff, (270) 745-2249

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