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Author to speak with SCATS students

WKU alum and author Jennifer (Hargan) Bradbury (BA‘97, MA‘04) will speak to young adults attending The Center for Gifted Studies’ Summer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students (SCATS) as part of a special SCATS One Read program. Bradbury is the author of the recently published and highly acclaimed young adult novel Shift.

More than 180 SCATS students will receive a free copy of the book and will be encouraged to read the novel before Bradbury gives a presentation to the group at 7 p.m. June 20 at the Kentucky Library & Museum. The free presentation is open to both residential and nonresidential campers that attend the summer SCATS program.

Shift is a coming of age story about two best friends who take off on a cross country bike trek after high school graduation. When only one of the riders returns, the FBI begins investigating to uncover what happened. A mystery and personal quest, Bradbury says, “Shift offers an adventure story and a missing person’s tale spinning around a single question- what happens when you outgrow your best friend?” The book was named to the Young Adult Library Services Association (YLSA) list of Best Books for Young Adults for 2009.

Bradbury grew up in Owensboro and now lives in Burlington, Wash. She was inspired to write Shift after her own cycling adventures including a two-month long bicycling trek she and her husband took from Charleston, S.C., to Los Angeles for their honeymoon. She is also a one day winner of the television game show Jeopardy!

The Center for Gifted Studies director Dr. Julia Roberts said, “SCATS is a summer opportunity for a variety of experiences. Having Jennifer Bradbury to talk with the young people will be one such experience.”

The SCATS book giveaway and author program is sponsored by WKU Libraries, The Center for Gifted Studies, and a grant from the Provost’s Initiatives for Excellence. For information contact WKU Libraries Community Outreach Manager Tracy Harkins at (270) 745-5016.

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