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Deere receives continuing education group’s Outstanding Faculty award

The Southern Region of the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE) has awarded the Outstanding Faculty award to Dr. Randy Deere, Professor in the College of Health & Human Services at WKU.

The Association presents this award to an outstanding faculty member from ACHE South who models effective teaching behaviors, is systematic, motivational, and cares about students.

ACHE South recognized Dr. Deere for his involvement in the continuing education efforts of the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach at WKU. He has worked with both the Distance Learning and Cohort Programs offices to provide nearly 200 students the opportunity to earn their master’s degrees through flexible programs that meet their unique needs.

Dr. Deere brings more than 18 years teaching expertise in Physical Education, Recreation and Sports Administration to distance education. He has been involved in the field of kinesiology since coming to WKU as an athletic trainer in 1983. In addition to his classroom experience he has been a leader in numerous professional associations in the discipline.

“Western Kentucky University has provided educational opportunities for traditional and non-traditional students for many years. Since the inception of the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach, faculty have been provided entrepreneurial opportunities to create, facilitate, and provide local, national and international learning environments,” Dr. Deere said. “The unique funding model allows for alternative teaching strategies to reach and meet the student demand. It is an honor to receive this award and represent WKU and the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach.”

Dr. Deere has partnered with WKU’s Division of Extended Learning and Outreach to offer programs specifically tailored to address the need for flexible scheduled classes. On numerous occasions he has gone above and beyond to work with students entangled in unique circumstances becoming not only their professor and advisor but a true advocate.

This award is just one of the recognitions Dr. Deere has received for his commitment to education. He has been active in the Kentucky Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (KAHPERD) and has received many awards through this organization including University Professor of the Year, Distinguished Service, and the highest award KAHPERD bestows, the Walter H. Mustaine memorial. At WKU, his teaching and service to students has also been recognized, as he received the faculty award for public service in 2004.

“He is a continuing educator’s best friend,” says Laura Ricke, director of Cohort Programs at WKU. “Dr. Deere is consistently working to create outreach programs that meet the needs of students wherever they are. He has been a high-energy, positive voice of change and growth at WKU.”

To learn more about the programs developed by Dr. Deere and the WKU Division of Extended Learning & Outreach, visit www.wku.edu/cohort or www.wku.edu/delo, or call (270) 745-1900.

Contact: Jennifer Perry, (270) 745-1926.

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