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WKU to celebrate bicentennial of Latin American nations with lecture series

WKU’s Office of Diversity Programs and the Department of Modern Languages present a Celebration of the Bicentennial Anniversary of Latin American Nations.

As the Latin American countries have started celebrating the bicentennial of their independence from Spain, many questions come to mind.  Internationally acclaimed guest speakers will reflect on important issues related to this event.

Topics include the following (all presentations at 7 p.m. at Mass Media and Technology Hall Auditorium):

March 24 — Dr. Francie Chassen-López, chair of the History Department at the University of Kentucky, will address the “Question of Gender and Nation Building in Mexico.”

March 29 — Dr. Armando Muyolema, visiting scholar at the University of Wisconsin Madison and an indigenous scholar, will speak about the “Indigenous Movement Throughout These Years.”

April 13 — Dr. César Montufar will talk about the “Actual Left-Wing Populist Regimes in the Andean Countries.”

Co-sponsors include the Office of Internationalization, Global Encounters, Political Engagement Project, Department of Political Science-International Affairs Major, Provost’s Initiative for Excellence and Potter College of Arts & Letters. The events are free. There will be verification of attendance for students and great food.

Contact: Dr. Sonia Lenk,  (270) 745-5906, or Ricardo Nazario y Colón, (270) 745-5066.

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