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24 WKU students to participate in annual Posters-at-the-Capitol event

Twenty-four WKU students, including nine from the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky, will participate in the ninth annual Posters-at-the-Capitol event on Jan. 28 in Frankfort.

Posters-at-the-Capitol, an event hosted collaboratively by WKU, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Kentucky State University, Morehead State University, Murray State University, Northern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky and University of Louisville, is intended to help members of Kentucky’s legislature and the governor better understand the importance of involving undergraduates in research, scholarly and creative work.

Here is a list of WKU students and their poster projects (more information on the projects is available on the Posters-at-the-Capitol booklet):

Courtney Aldrich, a senior social work major from Franklin, Tenn., Assessing the Small Town Approach to Homelessness

Alicia Azimipour, a senior public health and dental hygiene major from Hendersonville, Tenn., Toothlessness in Kentucky: The Causes and the Remedies

Thomas Choate, a Gatton Academy student from Bowling Green, Using Sustainability Indicators to Guide Local City Growth

Tyler Clark, a junior mathematics major from Raywick, Fibonacci Numbers and Collections of Mutually Disjoint Convex Subsets of a Totally Ordered Set

Matt Downen, a senior geology major from Columbia, Petrogenetic History of Lavas from the Casitas Shield

Clarice Esch, a Gatton Academy student from Somerset, Is Collema sp., a Gelatinous Lichen, a Sustainable Source of Nitrogen for Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Production?

Victoria Gilkison, a Gatton Academy student from Lawrenceburg; Sara Wigginton, a senior biology major from Glendale; Justine Missik, a Gatton Academy student from Danville; and Kati Ayers, a senior biology major from Westmoreland, Tenn., Ecology of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) at Mammoth Cave National Park and Microbial Networks Create Pathway Proliferation in Marine Food Webs

Gatton Academy students Alexander Hare of Morehead, Ben Neal of Irvine, Jae Lee of Hopkinsville and Paul Kasinski of Hebron, Genomic Comparison of C. scatologenes to M. thermoacetica

Millicent Heil, a senior dental hygiene major from Coxs Creek, and Sasha Buck, a dental hygiene major from Hillsboro, Ohio, Eco Friendly Dentistry

Greg Lee, a senior exercise science major from Bowling Green, A Methodology for Determining Early and Late Exercise-Induced Apoptosis in Helper T (CD3+/CD4+) and Cytotoxic T Cells (CD3+/CD8+)

Landon Oakes, a senior mathematics major from Utica, Development of Nanospring-Based Device for Quick Remote Diagnostics by Analysis of Chemical Coumpounds in Human Breath

Rachel Reetzke, a senior communication disorders major from Franklin, and Maggie Roe, a senior exercise science major from East Bernstadt, A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Lessons Learned From Comparing a Chinese and American Autism Treatment Center and Adapting to Aging in Place: An Assessment of Residential Living Facility Residents’ Physical Activity Program Expectations.

Melinda Rucks, a sophomore chemistry major from Glasgow, and Natosha Mulholland, a junior biology major from Hartford, The Bio-accumulation of Mercury in Bat Hair in Kentucky/Tennessee National Parks

Katherine Rush, a Gatton Academy student from Frankfort, Landfill Contaminant and Fluorescent Dye Interference Project

Chelsey Smith, a senior communication disorders major from Monticello, The Effect of a Three Point Sensory Diet on Vocal and Verbal Behavior in a Non-Verbal Child on the Autism Spectrum

Contact: Blaine Ferrell, (270) 745-4448

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