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WKU new home for international CLIMLIST site for climate scientists

Dr. Joshua Durkee, assistant professor of meteorology in WKU’s Department of Geography and Geology, recently assumed duties as administrator of the international CLIMLIST site.

Map of recent visit origins to the CLIMLIST site.

Map of recent visit origins to the CLIMLIST site.

The listserv is a moderated international electronic mail distribution list for climatologists and those working in closely-related fields. It is primarily intended for persons undertaking research in climatology, teaching climatology, and providing services of a climatological nature. Lousiana State University hosted CLIMLIST over the past six years.

Students undertaking research for a climate-related degree program are encouraged to subscribe. The list is used to disseminate notices regarding conferences and workshops, data availability, calls for papers, positions available, etc., as well as requests for information. In addition, an updated directory of email addresses for the subscribers to the list is distributed every month.

“Taking over responsibility for the administration of the CLIMLIST provides a significant service to the global climate research community,” said Department of Geography and Geology Head David Keeling. “It clearly strengthens the international reach of WKU and provides additional recognition for the meteorology program and faculty/student climate research projects.”

For information about the CLIMLIST project, contact Dr. Josh Durkee (270) 745-8777.

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