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Imagewest team returns from Spain

Imagewest, one of the nation’s only full-service, revenue generating, student-run advertising and public relations agency located at WKU, recently provided four team members with the rare opportunity to live and work in Spain for four weeks.

The Imagewest International team raises the red towel with pride at Retiro Park in Madrid.

The Imagewest International team raises the red towel with pride at Retiro Park in Madrid.

The team traveled more than 4,000 miles to arrive at their destination, where they conducted research to develop a digital marketing plan and design various marketing materials including, website, poster and city guide templates for the City Council of Villanueva de la Cañada (VDLC), a municipal district of Madrid. Imagewest International also partnered with a university in Madrid, Universidad Camilo Jose’ Cela (UCJC), spending four weeks there completing work for the City Council. The agency also consulted with various universities in Barcelona to develop future international relations with WKU.

To successfully complete the tasks at hand, the team focused on researching the city from every angle by visiting, observing and immersing themselves with the city. This would prove to be beneficial in the development of branding VDLC as a unique place to live that is dedicated to family, community, culture and the environment, thus providing an exceptional quality of living for residents and a wonderful place to visit.

“Imagewest International provided me with an opportunity of a lifetime, allowing me to live and immerse myself in the Spanish culture, work with an international client, and develop valuable friendships and working relationships that I will always cherish,” said Maggie Hinklin, account and public relations coordinator. “I am proud to add this to my resume and I radiate with excitement at the chance to share my experience.”

The work completed by Imagewest International seemed to be a rewarding process for both the students and the client, according to Zac Stout, designer. “I loved being able to present the work we completed for the City Council and know that it would benefit Villanueva de la Cañada immensely. This is what makes the work we do so enjoyable.”

Developing marketing material for a client in Spain was significantly different than working with a client in the United States.

“The team faced many obstacles from language barriers during the research process, to immediate deadlines, and general cultural differences that they had to overcome quickly to complete the work,” said Heather Garcia, agency manager. “The client relied on us as a new set of eyes and they were pleasantly surprised with our solutions.”

After presenting the final work to the client, they were more than impressed with the results. “The Imagewest International team exceeded our expectations, providing VDLC with an innovative way to communicate with the residents, potential residents and visitors,” said Ana Luisa Delclaux Bravo, VDLC councilman of education, institutional relations, universities and patrimony. “We are very excited to set the plan into action and develop the new website.”

The Imagewest International team gathers with the clients in Villanueva de la Cañada after presenting their work.

The Imagewest International team gathers with the clients in Villanueva de la Cañada after presenting their work.

This was the second consecutive summer that Imagewest lived and worked abroad during a four-week period. The summer of 2008 set the standard for future abroad trips when Imagewest International traveled to Malaysia to work with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Imagewest continually strives to provide new and challenging opportunities that allow students to gain valuable insight and experience in the advertising and public relations industry.

The Imagewest International internship in Madrid, Spain took place from mid June to mid July. Imagewest International scholarship recipients and team members included, Account and Public Relations Coordinator Maggie Hinklin, Designer Matt Plappert, Designer Zac Stout and Account and Public Relations Coordinator Brooke Winebrenner, all of Louisville. Group leaders were Imagewest Agency Manager Heather Garcia and WKU Advertising Professor Mark Simpson.

Visit the Imagewest website to learn about the adventure in Spain through blogs, photos and videos.

Here’s is a “View from the Hill” segment on the team’s trip to Spain.

Contact: Brooke Winebrenner 502-930-5809 or brooke.winebrenner@wku.edu; Maggie Hinklin 502-544-0624 or margaret.hinklin@wku.edu; Heather Garcia 270-745-8915 or heather.garcia@wku.edu

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