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Geologists, graduate student attend international petroleum conference

Two WKU faculty members and a graduate student attended the annual convention and exhibition of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) June 7-10 in Denver.

Geology faculty members Dr. Michael May and Dr. Kenneth Kuehn presented a poster titled “Renewed Interest in Heavy Oils and Rock Asphalt in South Central Kentucky” and geoscience graduate student Chrissie Hollon of Bowling Green presented a poster titled “Identifying and Reconstructing the Pre-Pennsylvanian Surface in the Mammoth Cave National Park Region in South-Central Kentucky.”

An editor of World Oil recognized the poster by May and Kuehn as being of interest to the magazine’s international readership and the two are working on a related article on assessment and recovery of heavy oil resources to be published in the August issue of World Oil. Hollon was recognized by the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM), a sister AAPG organization, for her initial research efforts and was awarded a monetary prize to defray her cost of attending the conference and conducting research.

The conference was the largest energy based geology gathering in 15 years, with more than 7,000 professional geologists and students attending from more than 30 countries. The AAPG has cultivated a truly international atmosphere in its meetings, as notably evident by the placement of the international pavilion at the Denver Convention Center for 2009. The international pavilion provided a venue for petroleum geologists to discuss various applications of technologies and myriad prospective areas around the world. Nearly all continents were represented at the pavilion, as well as a wide range of countries such as Aruba, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Kenya, Korea, Namibia, Peru, Senegal and Uruguay.

Contact: Mike May at michael.may@wku.edu or (270) 745-6891

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