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Dual Credit celebrates milestone

The WKU Dual Credit Program hosted a celebration on April 23 in honor of the more than 1,000 students enrolled in the program this year. This is a major milestone for the Dual Credit Program, as it has grown more than 100 in the past five years. In 2009 alone, the Dual Credit Program partnered with 21 high schools, offering 39 courses in 159 course sections.

The Dual Credit Program is a partnership between WKU’s Division of Extended Learning and Outreach (DELO) and area high schools to offer qualified students the opportunity to earn college credit as part of their high school curriculum.

The 1,000 Celebration was designed to not only celebrate a paramount year, but to honor those partners who have made the program a success. Those in attendance included high school principals, counselors and instructors, WKU faculty mentors, and WKU Provost Dr. Barbara Burch.

Dewayne Neeley, Dual Credit Program Specialist, said the event “commemorates an important milestone for this program, but it is also a stepping stone to future partnerships.”

“I look forward to continuing to work with departments, divisions, and high schools to continue to offer university courses to area high school students,” Neeley said.

Dual Credit Program students are not only earning college credit, they are actual WKU students. Program participants are granted all the advantages of being a college student, including a WKU ID card, an email account, access to all WKU resources, and admittance to campus events. The program introduces high school students to the WKU experience during a time when they are making important decisions about the next phase of their education.

For more information on the Dual Credit Program, contact Dewayne Neeley, Dual Credit Program Specialist, at 270-745-2386.

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