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‘Conservation Values’ topic for annual Boyd-Lubker lecture March 25


Dr. A.E. Luloff, professor of Rural Sociology at Pennsylvania State University, will visit WKU this month as part of the 2009 Boyd-Lubker Visiting Scholars Program.

Dr. Luloff’s lecture on “Measuring and Comparing Public and Scientific Perspectives on Conservation Values” will begin at 7 p.m. March 25 at Mass Media and Technology Hall Auditorium. Admission is free.

At Penn State, Dr. Luloff teaches, conducts research and writes about the impacts of social change, as a result of sociodemographic shifts, on the natural and human resource bases of the community. Changes in land cover and use, particularly at the rural-urban fringe, and the impact of rural development policy on small and rural communities are central features of his work.

He has been involved in survey and evaluation research supported by state, regional, national and international public and private agencies for nearly 30 years. This work has resulted in more than 200 journal articles, book chapters, research bulletins, other professional publications, and books and monographs.

Dr. Luloff is a recipient of the Rural Sociological Society’s “Excellence in Research Award” and “Excellence in Instruction Award,” its Natural Resources Research Group’s “Merit and Excellence in Natural Resources Sociology Award,” and the Community Development Society’s “Certificate of Achievement” award. He is cofounder, Secretary-Treasurer, member of the Executive Committee, and Executive Director-elect of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources.

Contact: Cathie Bryant at (270) 745-4664.

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