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Innovation in Sustainability sponsoring student contest for ‘green’ ideas

WKU Innovation in Sustainability is sponsoring a student contest for the best ideas for “Greening WKU.”

A total of $1,000 in cash prizes is available to the top four winners: first place will receive $500, second place $300, and third and fourth place $100 each. The prizes will be funded through the Innovation for Sustainability Endowment at WKU. Prizes are funded by the Chase “Go Green” contest won by WKU Greentoppers Students for Campus Sustainability.

The contest will end on March 31. Students who wish to enter are to detail a specific idea, including a budget, that will help “Green WKU.” In an effort to save paper, only electronic submissions will be accepted. (See the Contest Requirements for full details.)

The Innovation in Sustainability Endowment is designed to fund WKU student projects that improve sustainability, reduce energy consumption, create renewable sources of energy, foster environmental stewardship, increase recycling, or further the education of students in one of these areas.

The endowment was created last year through the Chase “Go Green” Contest. The WKU Greentoppers Students for Campus Sustainability, led by Seth Cude, won a Facebook competition for the $40,000 grand prize. This gift from Chase was matched by the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Regional University Excellence Trust Fund to create an $80,000 Innovation for Sustainability Endowment. The endowment will generate approximately $3,600 annually in support of student projects in sustainability at WKU. Additional donations of support to this or other funds for sustainability projects at WKU are always welcome.

Contest Requirements

*Present a good idea that is well thought out, detailed, specific to WKU, and practical.

*Be as specific as possible in your methodology. The more detail, the more likely your idea can be implemented!

*Include a budget and expected benefits.

*Results must be measurable (e.g., gallons, acres, CO2, $, kWh, survey results, etc.).

*The proposal is feasible and could be carried out at WKU.

*Proposal format: a paper detailing your idea (12 pt font, single spaced; tables or images embedded).

*Include a cover sheet with name(s), WKU ID number(s), email(s) and phone number(s). PDF preferred.

*All appropriate sources and references are cited. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.

*Each entry must be focused on a single good idea. Participants may contribute multiple entries; entries may be submitted by teams; all entries become the property of WKU Innovation in Sustainability.

*Only current WKU students (active during Spring 2009) are eligible to participate and win.

All Innovation in Sustainability Proposals must be submitted in full to Ouida.Meier@wku.edu no later than midnight on March 31. Winners will be selected by a committee based on contest requirements, suitability and creativity. Authors will be credited for their ideas and will be invited to participate in implementation if possible.

Prizes are funded by the Chase “Go Green” contest won by WKU Greentoppers Students for Campus Sustainability.

For information, contact Seth Cude at (270) 779-7683 or seth.cude@wku.edu; or Ouida Meier at (270) 745-6001 or ouida.meier@wku.edu.

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