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WKU meteorology students present posters at weather conference

Ten students in the new B.S. Meteorology program at Western Kentucky University traveled to Louisville Oct. 12 to take part in the Student Poster Session at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the National Weather Association.

The students participated in a series of mentoring and career-building exercises that were capped by the Student Poster Session. The theme of the poster session was historical weather events. Students completed the research for the posters in Spring 2008 as part of their semester research project in GEOG 432 (Synoptic Meteorology) under Dr. Greg Goodrich.

Students who presented their research at the conference are as follows:

Sam Roberts of Corryton, Tenn.: “The February 5-6, 2008, Mid-South Tornado Outbreak”

Jane Marie Wix of Brandenburg and Taylor Elder of Suffolk, Va.: “The January 29, 2008, Squall Line in Kentucky”

Danny Gant of Bowling Green and Luke Miles of Columbia, Tenn.: “The April 16, 1998, Supercell Outbreak Over the Mid-South”

Astrid Suárez González of Bowling Green and Brittney Whitehead of Portland, Tenn.: “The January 17-18, 1994, Northern Kentucky Blizzard”

Tony Bedel of Florence, Alan Lafferty of Shelbyville and Gladness Adkins of Nashville, Tenn.: “The March 7-8, 2008, Kentucky Snowstorm”

“Student engagement is the centerpiece of the new Meteorology program at WKU,” according to Dr David Keeling, Geography and Geology Department Head. “Our goal is to provide students with practical experience in researching, mapping, and analyzing climatic events so that they have a broader and deeper understanding not only of global climate change but of the local and regional implications of changing climate conditions.”

For information about the WKU Meteorology program, contact Greg Goodrich at (270) 745-5986.

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