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Kentucky Mesonet associate director attends Midwest climate conference

Dr. Rezaul Mahmood, associate director of the Kentucky Mesonet and Kentucky Climate Center, attended a “Corn and Climate” workshop at Iowa State University this past week as part of a broader effort to understanding climate change and its impact on the Midwest.

The workshop focused in-depth attention on the interactions between crops and climate, climate change, climate variability, and future impacts on agriculture in the Midwest. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) co-sponsored this special extension of the Growing the Bioeconomy Conference to assess recent climate trends in the Midwest, as well as seasonal and long-term climate assessments.

Dr. Mahmood gave a presentation titled: “The Kentucky Mesonet: Background and Future Applications.”

“The role of the Kentucky Mesonet in generating specialized data that can help scientists and planners better understand climate change impacts at the regional and local scale is becoming ever more critical,” said Geography and Geology Department Head Dr. David Keeling. “The Mesonet project is providing great opportunities for students and scientists to develop more meaningful analyses of some of the bigger issues facing our region in the future, especially the impact of climate on sustainability.”

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