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Geoscience students, faculty attend international GIS conference

A WKU geoscience graduate student received a scholarship to participate in the 28th Annual Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) International User Conference Aug. 2-8 in San Diego.

S. Matt Brunt of Bowling Green was selected from a pool of applicants for the competitive scholarships, which supported 60 graduate and fourth-year undergraduate students from universities and colleges throughout the United States. The scholarships required students to work half-days at the conference while it covered their conference registration, workshops, meals and lodging. This is the seventh year in a row that WKU’s Department of Geography and Geology has had a student selected for the scholarship.

Also attending the conference were geoscience graduate student Allison Ross of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Nashville and faculty members Amy Seymour, Scott Dobler and Kevin Cary.

Cary, director of WKU’s GIS Center, presented “Streams and Networks” about Warren County’s blueways project, with Dr. Steve Spencer of the Department of Physical Education and Recreation.

ESRI is the biggest organization and vendor of geographic information systems (GIS) software in the world. Each year, ESRI hosts an International/Educational conference for GIS users in San Diego to share ideas and gain knowledge about GIS technology. For this year’s event, there were more than 14,000 attendees from at least 120 countries and 350 sponsors. To see a map of the attendees, click here.

“It is important to attend this international conference because it showcases so many applications in GIS as well as informing us where GIS is today and where it will be tomorrow,” Cary said. “This opportunity allows us to enhance our program to better our students pursuing GIS as a tool or as a profession.”

For information about GIS, WKU’s GIS Programs and GIS applications in business and industry, contact Kevin Cary in the Department of Geography and Geology at (270) 745-2981. For information about applying for an ESRI student assistantship, contact Matt Brunt at samuel.brunt492@wku.edu.

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